Error Loading Operating System description


When you switch on your Windows operating system, sometimes, you may face with Error Loading Operating System error that simply pops up. This is very common with Windows XP operating system. This error is usually thrown at a point when the computer runs BIOS checks and system hardware before loading operating system. Black screen will be displayed when this error is shown. BIOS may not be able to successfully complete its checks and the operating system keeps waiting for the BIOS to update the status.

Error Loading Operating System causes

Error Loading Operating System causes:

This error loading operating system XP error occurs mainly because of the fault in communication between BIOS device and the actual Windows XP operating system. If there is a problem with BIOS and the service finds it difficult to communicate with the operating system, this error may show up. Normally, this error is noticed when you try to reboot your Windows XP machine after doing file-copy of setup of Windows XP. Improper BIOS management and insufficient support for the hard disk capacity causes this error.

Fortunately, for the error loading operating system Windows 7 error, there will be no error code and the single reason is BIOS management problem. Once this error is displayed, your operating system won't load and you will be faced with a dead screen. The only thing you can do is resolve the error and try to let the operating system load on its own.

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Troubleshooting: Error Loading Operating System

To resolve this error, you need to make changes to the BIOS and CMOS settings. Before attempting to resolve the error, you should be completely aware of the fact that changing BIOS settings will affect your computer in a major way. If you don’t know what you are doing, it is better to refrain yourself from doing anything.

You should try updating your BIOS system and you need to have latest BIOS revision for your computer. Installing and updating your computer’s BIOS version is possible only if the suitable version is provided by the manufacturer. You can contact the support center and ask for information regarding latest BIOS version.

Some experts suggest making changes to your computer BIOS. This should be done only at your own risk. Making hardware or BIOS changes in your computer usually results in canceling of manufacturer warranty. If the problem is not solved after updating BIOS version, you better take your computer to a computer repair center.

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Error Loading Operating System Fix

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